We’ve created a state-of-the-art ICO Analyzer tool which companies can use to optimise their social media marketing campaigns before and during their ICO. In so doing, we believe we can help companies to make better ICO predictions. The tool analyses social media data, token exchange price and volume data, and blockchain transaction volume and velocity data, presenting the data in a number of highly visualised interactive screens. The insights gathered are based on both real time data streams and our historical ICO analysis that have taken place since January 2017.

How can such a tool influence ICO success?

One of the key ICO success factors is for a company to get the most from its marketing efforts. A few of the insights the ICO Analyzer provides are:

Social Media Channels

Knowing which ones are most important to the target market. The popularity of social media channels varies significantly across geographies.

The most popular and relevant ICO related news sites, forums and blogs

The number of websites that potential ICO investors can access to learn about ICOs is huge, and the popularity of those sites is highly dependent on the target audience’s geographical location and language used.

Twitter Trends & Hashtag Optimisation

The popularity and real time nature of twitter makes it an incredibly important source of information. When harnessed correctly the data can provide insight into what the ICO investment community is currently talking about. This includes what they are saying about a company’s ICO. Furthermore, ensuring that tweets are reaching the target audience by optimising the use of hashtags is crucial

Social Media Sentiment

If this is analysed correctly and used in conjunction with token price and volume data, early warning signs can be detected of any news or chatter that could prove to be market moving.

Why not take a peek?

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