Followers of would have benefited hugely from Causality’s recent EOS crypto sentiment alert.

Positive Posts Volume Alert Triggered

Our real time crypto sentiment monitoring system started generating alerts informing users of the large number of positive posts on EOS on the 17th Feb (UTC). At that time the price of EOS was $2.82.  Our platform continued to generate the alerts over the next 3 days. During this period its price climbed to its current price of 3.87.  That’s a massive 37% gain in just 3 days.

Crypto Sentiment Alerts Chart showing EOS price hike

Cause of Positive Sentiment

So what is the cause of all of the positive sentiment around EOS?  As always, it’s difficult to say definitively. There are several possible explanations for the big rise. These include the fact that further clarity on the EOS product roadmap has just been released. Accordingly, several very bullish EOS price predictions have recently hit the market.

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