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ICO Analyzer Tool

The Causality ICO Analyzer utilizes a multi-step data processing pipeline to transform the huge volume of ICO related social media posts into meaningful insights specific to your ICO. Once data is acquired it is ingested into our cloud-based platform where it is cleaned and conformed. The data is then consolidated, blended and further enriched. Sophisticated machine learning algorithms are used for tasks such as sentiment scoring, entity identification, and topic modeling. The insights generated are made available to users via an interactive web-based dashboard hosted on our online portal.

What Does the ICO Analyzer Tool Do?

Our ICO Analyzer product has been developed specifically to support ICO market participants. For companies undertaking an ICO it can be used to:

a) optimize their social media marketing campaign before & during the ICO

b) monitor social media sentiment, blockchain transaction activity, and token price & volume post ICO

The ICO Analyzer consumes ICO related data from major social media channels, news, online forums, blogs, the ethereum blockchain, major exchanges, ICO listing & rating sites, and website ranking services. The data is cleaned, consolidated and enriched using sophisticated machine learning algorithms. The insights generated, and the underlying transformed data are made available to users via an interactive web-based dashboard.

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Key Benefits

The Causality ICO Analyzer optimizes ICO marketing efforts by:

• Identifying the most important social media channels for your target market

• Highlighting the most popular and relevant ICO related news sites, forums and blogs

• Discovering what days and times your audience is most active on social media and therefore when you should be posting content

• Suggesting which twitter hashtags to use to gain the most exposure possible

• Monitoring the sentiment of social chatter around your ICO



Key Features

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Social Media Channels

Know which social media channels are most important to your target market. The popularity of social media channels varies significantly across geographies. Our analysis of completed ICOs has identified that an effective presence in certain social media channels is a key factor in achieving a successful ICO. The ICO analyzer utilizes this information to highlight the most important channels to focus your social media marketing efforts on given your target audience, the industry you operate in, and the amount of funds you are aiming to raise.

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Popular ICO Websites

The number of websites that potential ICO investors can access to learn about ICOs is huge, and the popularity of those sites is highly dependent on the target audience’s geographical location and language used. The ICO Analyzer combines ICO related post volumes by site and language together with site popularity by country in order to highlight the most popular ICO related news sites, forums and blogs for the target market parameters specific to your ICO.

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Twitter Trends

The popularity and real time nature of twitter makes it an incredibly important source of information. When harnessed correctly the data can provide insight into what the ICO investment community is currently talking about, including what is being said about your own ICO. The ICO Analyzer sources ICO related twitter data in near real time 24 by 7. Understand what days and times your audience is most active; and how your social presence in twitter is trending overall.


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Post-ICO Token Price Monitoring

In addition to tapping into the most popular social media channels, the ICO Analyzer also sources the latest token price and volume data from coinmarketcap. By overlaying the sentiment of social media chatter about an ICO against the ICO’s token price the ICO Analyzer can provide early warning of any news or chatter that could prove to be market moving.

Twitter Hashtag Optimization

The ICO Analyzer can help ensure your tweets are reaching your target audience by optimizing your use of hashtags and answering questions such as:

• Are the hashtags you’re using in your social communications the right ones to ensure your message is seen by your target market?

• What are the hashtags other popular ICOs have used to increase their visibility?

• How successful are you in reaching the geographies that you’re targeting?

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