Just after 4am on April 2nd (UTC) the price of Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS and most other major cryptocurrencies surged higher by 20% or more.  The move caught most people by surprise and left many speculating what had caused such a broad price spike. So imagine if you‘d an early warning of the move before most traders?  With Causality’s new crypto sentiment alerts – you could have. Four hours before this massive jump in price took place, Causality’s crypto sentiment alert for LTC triggered. Our LTC Sentiment Signal had been consistently giving early warning of price spikes throughout February and March. However, was the biggest spike to date with the price of LTC rising from USD $60 to $83 in the space of 24 hours.  That’s almost a gain of almost 40% in 24 hours! The chart below shows the big jump in price just hours after the alert was triggered. LTC Price Surge illustrated by Crypto Sentiment Alerts Charts Also published on Medium

Also published on Medium.