Causality Block Xplorer – Real Time Access to Ethereum Blockchain Data

Causality Block Xplorer – Real Time Access to Ethereum Blockchain Data

Causality Block Xplorer is an Ethereum Block Explorer that offers real time access to Ethereum blockchain data.  It maintains load balanced blockchain nodes from which it continuously ingests data on a real time basis. It extracts data to Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) and subsequently loads it to a highly performant database where it can be accessed via APIs or batch extract.

What Does Block Xplorer Do?

Causality has developed Block Xplorer to support applications and businesses doing blockchain data analytics which need to access data in near real-time. As a highly performant, robust explorer it provides easy, reliable, scalable and enhanced access to blockchain data. The initial release supports the Ethereum blockchain, but the intention is to support multiple others.

Other block explorers do not scale to a commercial level. In some cases their database architectures do not cater for analytical workloads. Block Xplorer is geared towards companies which would otherwise elect to create local copies of Ethereum to meet the needs of each of their blockchain data analytical systems.

What Does Block Xplorer Do?

Key Benefits of Block Xplorer

  • Access to real time blockchain data
  • Ability of developers to perform a blockchain data extract of Ethereum data that is difficult, if not impossible to extract themselves using existing tools such as the native Ethereum APIs or other block explorers
  • Highly performant with good API response times and very low latency, allowing end users to query and see data as soon as it is published to the blockchain
  • A guaranteed service level that is not provided by other block explorers
  • Cost effectiveness by reducing the need for enterprises to maintain multiple Ethereum nodes each requiring high performance storage & extended RAM.



Key Features of Block Xplorer

Block Xplorer uses Real Time Data

Real Time Data

There are currently in excess of 600,000 Ethereum transactions per day, or an average of 25,000 per hour or 7 per second. Block Xplorer allows querying of transactions as soon as they make it into the blockchain, which opens up a lot of opportunities to enterprises performing blockchain data analytics.

Block Xplorer Read & Send API Support

Read & Send API Support

Application developers can utilise API get calls via Block Xplorer’s API service to read data off the Ethereum blockchain within seconds of the block being published. In a similar fashion they can utilise API send calls to submit data to the Ethereum blockchain.

Block Xplorer has advanced queries

Enhanced Queries

Block Xplorer has a number of enhanced query features. These include:

  • Account balances at any point in time
  • Historical transactions
  • Token transfers between specific addresses.
  • Full transaction history for a wallet address
  • Linear scalability of query time performance i.e. query time won’t take longer as the blockchain gets larger over time

Application developers can choose to access blockchain data from Block Xplorer via a rich set of APIs or via a batch file extract.


Block Xplorer is Highly Performant

Highly Performant

With Ethereum transactions exceeding 7 per second, the system is designed for end users to see data as soon as it is published to the blockchain, so it has very low latency.

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